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Your personal and confidential reflection partner

I help individuals, employees and managers in small and medium-sized companies to achieve their personal and professional goals, and create balance in life as a whole. The dilemma you want to focus on can be related to big and small topics.

Examples of what others have worked with:

The job where you can be You

Lene is 50 years old and has been very happy with her working life for 20 years. Because the company had to cut back, she doesn’t have a job right now. She is really happy about the thinking break and strongly feels that in the next challenge she would like to step into character even more, live out her strengths and at the same time be more “herself”.

New manager and work-life balance

Mathilde is 32 years old, has just been appointed as a manager in her current organisation, and her 2nd child has just started nursery school. Mathilde feels under pressure and does not have the energy to get a handle on direction and priorities, so that she can restore balance in relation to what is most important to her.

Team dynamics and cooperation

Henrik is 34 years old, has a great deal of responsibility in his current organisation, and has challenges with the dynamics of the team he is part of. Henrik is not happy, feels stuck and doesn’t know what to do.

Career development and the next bigger role

Marie is 41 years old, has been a leader in an organization for a while, and she thinks she has more to offer, and she would like to try a different and bigger challenge. Marie has not yet been in the running for a major role, and has come to doubt her skills and what the next steps are.

Career change in the mature age

Peter is 58 years old, has been in business for a long time and has been successful in his job roles. Now there are other aspects of life and other skills he would like to take up more space. Peter still needs to figure out what exactly is going to happen and how to go about it.

Who am I?

I am a good at listening and creating trusting atmosphere.

In that a safe space, I am able to discover what is at stake, and try to understand and acknowledge what you experience and feel.

In that confidential space, it is possible to ask the difficult and important questions that make a difference to you, so that you can create a new perspective and find new options for action.

I believe in integrating the whole person in a higher unity consisting of both our work life and private life.
Well-being and ambition can easily go hand in hand.

Would I be a good fit as your reflection partner?