Coaching in practice

What is coaching?

Coaching is a conversation about what is most important to you here and now. The coach is not a specialist in your challenges, however by listening to both what you say openly and what you say “between the lines”, the coach gets at good insight in what is most important.

Partnership and Courage

You enter into partnership with your coach. Together we explore your challenge, and the change that you want for yourself. It is a meeting with you at the center. You will get the opportunity to discover new angles and options for action, that were not previously visible to you.
Somewhere within you, you hold all the answers you need. A skilled coach can, in partnership with you, elicit new insights, that thereby is an eye-opener, redemptive and perhaps transformative.
I want to establish partnership where you can be yourself and be safe enough to be brave. It takes courage to create change. You have to be honest with yourself and dare to see the challenges and opportunities in a new light.

Desire for change and improvement

The objective of the coaching can be a current challenge, or a desire for change and improvement. The objective can be big or small, and it has got to be important to you to gain new insight and create change in the direction of what you want to achieve.

Single or several sessions

You can get a lot out of a single session. It is even better to meet over several sessions, develop the partnership and thereby have the opportunity to go deeper and create even better results.

Who you are

Private Person

You are e.g. a private person who wants to work with yourself and wants personal development or change. You want to make good choices and create balance in your life. The challenge can originate in something professional as well as in something private.

Business Person

Or you are a leader or employee who wants to find a foothold or change in your current job role, or development towards your next job role. You may need to find yourself and succeed in collaborative relationships in your close team, with your boss, with your management group, or in multicultural cross-organizational teams.

Private or Business Person

Whether you are a private person, an employee or a manager, you must have the courage to make small changes right where you are – perhaps as several small steps on the way to bigger changes in your private or professional life.

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