Our coaching partnership

How we begin

A good coaching relationship requires good chemistry and trust. That’s why I suggest we always meet in person the first time so we can decide if we’re the right match. Subsequent meetings can be in person or online, depending on what you want.

It is possible to get something out of one conversation, but it is more effective if we meet several times. A longer course gives you the opportunity to reflect and try out new approaches, and gain experience between the sessions, which can be discussed at the next meeting. In this way, the basis for the desired change is created in small steps.

A coaching course will typically be 6 or 10 times.

Private person

If you are a private person, we agree and set the framework and budget before or at our first meeting. We establish an agreement together, which it is important that you are comfortable with.

You are allowed to change or end our collaboration at any time, should you wish to do so.


Company-paid coaching will some times be an agreement between manager, employee and coach. In this case we draw up a broad outline of the objectives for the coaching sessions in an agreement, which makes it clear and transparent, and avoid misunderstanding.

Our meetings can take place in your company or they can be virtual, depending on your preference.

Confidentiality and security

I work in accordance with International Coach Federation (ICF) Code of Ethics for both private and business clients. If you are a business client it is essential that there is room for full confidentiality between the coach and the employee. Only when there is trust and security, it is possible to create change and development.

It is agreed in advance whether and how the manager will be kept informed.


Your coaching course is an investment in your future.

We agree on the price prior the first coaching session. We may agree one session at the time or we may agree a course of a number of sessions. It is also a possibility to agree access for ad hoc succinct sessions, e.g. within 24 hours notice, in a particular challenging time in your life.

I invoice you and we can settle from time to time, or you can pay a number of sessions in advance at good price, and use them within an agreed span of time.

I am a member of the International Coach Federation (ICF), and work in accordance with the ICF’s Code of Ethics.