Coaching and Champagne with Life-Changing Perspectives

Udgivet d. 24. January 2024

A few month ago, we invited you to a relaxed and cozy evening at the Tirage Champagne Bar with the theme “Everyone deserves a good coach and a glass of champagne”. At this event, I shared thoughts, and we discussed, how good coaching can bring about significant changes in our life.

Coaching – Create Change, Master Life

Many of us want to change or improve aspects of our lives. It can be personal challenges or a deep urge to reshape our working life. But often we get stuck in repetitive patterns or don’t know how to take the first step.

Champagne – A Guide to Tasting Experiences

Tove Brandt, the owner of Tirage Champagne Bar, led us through an experience of the world of champagne and taught us to distinguish between the nuances of taste in good champagne.

Our evening was a perfect mix of reflection and enjoyment where we discovered that coaching and champagne can be the perfect cocktail to create a beautiful change in our lives. Who said personal development couldn’t be festive?

Questions for your reflection

  • What changes do you want and how will you achieve them?
  • How do you best handle the challenges you face?
  • How do you overcome the fear of failure in certain activities?