When did someone last listen to you?

Udgivet d. 6. May 2024

Listening is essential in effective coaching

A coach is fully engaged in exploring your thoughts and goals. Through dedicated and intensive listening, the coach manages to pick up undertones, observe facial expressions and mood, and register both the words you say and those you don’t say.

This type of listening, known as active listening, creates a deep connection and contributes to your feeling of being seen, heard and understood – a crucial factor in building trust.

Reflection and growth

Deep listening goes beyond the surface and opens up space for reflection and personal growth.

It gives you the opportunity to delve into your innermost thoughts and motivations.

By creating a safe space where you can explore your innermost thoughts and feelings, your coach helps you achieve increased awareness and take meaningful steps toward your goals.

In coaching listening is a powerful tool

Skilled listening is a powerful tool for promoting growth and transformation.

When the coach listens with presence and empathy, the door is opened to opportunities and new perspectives that pave the way for personal development and goal achievement.


  • When did someone last dedicatedly listen to you with empathy and deep engagement ?
  • What is hidden deep down in your unconscious mind waiting to be put into play ?