Bubbling with joy

Udgivet d. 3. June 2024

When have your stomach last bobbled with joy and pride?

I have achieved an important milestone that I have been studying and training for the past couple of years, – I have achieved the first ICF (International Coach Federation) credential level, ACC (Associate Certified Coach).

This is significant, and does not come without efforts, determination, and hard work!

To acquire the accreditation, you need three consecutive steps:

  1. Qualified training
    I have complete level 1 and 2 of ICF-accredited training
  2. Oral exam
    I recently passed the oral exam, demonstrating that my coaching competencies are consistent with the ICF core competences and qualify to ICF PCC (Professional Certified Coach) level.
  3. Written exam
    As the final step for my first ICF level accreditation, I have been sitting the quite challenging, monitored written exam to demonstrate that I qualify to make judgments and decisions that are consistent with the ICF Core Competencies.

What is your next goal?

After celebration, I am now focusing on how I can help my clients, – you, – to achieve your dreams and desires.

What is your next goal?


• Which challenging goal would you like to set yourself?
• What are the smaller steps that you need to take to get there?

My next goal

My next goal is to achieve PCC level accreditation. I have already passed the oral PPC level exam, so I just have to focus on accumulating the required number of coaching hours.

Will you help me reach my goal? It would be a great pleasure for me to help you achieve yours!

Let’s partner up, – send me a message and let’s connect.

Read more about the ICF accreditation requirements here.

ICF coaches are well trained. Choose an ICF accredited coach as your partner.